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Mrinalini Mukherjee Archive

1.5 MM with friends 1992.jpg

Mrinalini Mukherjee Foundation and Asia Art Archive India are excited to announce the launch of the Mrinalini Mukherjee Archive.

This collection has been digitally archived by Asia Art Archive India with the support of Mrinalini Mukherjee Foundation.

The new collection documents the career of prominent modernist sculptor Mrinalini Mukherjee, who, beginning in the 1970s, challenged a male-dominated field through use of unconventional materials. Featuring detailed documentation of her monumental sculptures and meticulous installation instructions, the archive shines light on the unique relationship between the spatial and material dimensions of her art-making and exhibition process.

Mukherjee’s archive also comprises reports, correspondences, and manuscripts relating to the art community in India, and photographs of her extensive research on art historical sites and traditional art forms across Europe and South Asia. Through her work, and her personal and professional relationships, interconnected art histories emerge and inspire new understandings of contemporary art in Southeast Asia.

The archive also includes images of artwork, correspondence, artist photographs, research material, exhibition catalogues and reviews, and event ephemera related to Mukherjee’s mother, sculptor and art teacher Leela Mukherjee (1916–2003).

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